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1. Q: Whats your name and where were you raised:

A: Im sorry I can’t tell you my name and I was born and raised in a small village in northern Israel.

Being raised in that area of the country and that kind of small close knit setting I have always felt a strong connection to the land and my fellow countrymen.

2. Q: Do you have a history of military service in your family?

A: Growing up in Israel, joining the military is part of life. My father and brothers all served in the military. I always knew that I wanted to serve my country. After serving my 3 year mandatory service I continued working in the security field for the government.

3. Q: When and why did you decide to join the YAMAM?

A: I joined the YAMAM in 2013 out of a sense of duty and patriotism. I also enjoy the work itself, handling complex situations under pressure and having the opportunity to work and live along side high quality individuals. To me personally the YAMAM is the ultimate expression of love and dedication to my country.

4. Q: Tell me about your bootcamp/training experiences ?

A: I can’t go into detail but training was very intense and challenging both physically and mentally, and I enjoyed every second of it. There were times when I had to really dig down deep in order to muster up the courage and strength to keep moving forward, to never quit.

5. Q: How did you get through it?

A: I got through it because I was with like minded individuals, we motivated each other to keep on going and we all greatly desired to serve our country. It is an experience like no other that I have had and it is one that I shall never forget.



1: Which wars have you served in?

A: I served during the second Lebanon war and operation cast lead in Gaza. The experiences were tremendously maturing, it made me understand what is really important in life.

2. Q: What was your job/assignment? 

A: I was still in the army then. I was a special operations commando .We were called on to perform specific, delicate operations. The camaraderie that is born of combat is incomparable to any other kind of relationship.

3. Q: Tell me about a couple of your most memorable experiences. (Good and bad(

A: I can’t really go into detail about specific experiences. I do though have a clear memory of responding to a terror attack while off duty.

Treating wounded civilians had quite an affect on me. To treat wounded soldiers is understandable, but regular civilians who just went out for a drink, that has a lasting affect on you.

4. Q: ?If you could would you do it again 

A: All day every day! 

I would do it all again without a doubt. To be in a positions that has such an affect on the world around you, for good, is an opportunity that I would never pass up.

5. Q: ?Has your service effected your lifestyle in anyway, if so how?

A: My service has very much matured me and strengthened my patriotism and desire to defend my country.It has made me the man I am today. Decisive, understand, being able to accept others and make decisions and be a leader in stressful situations. These are experiences that one does not undergo in the four walls of an office or lecture hall of a university.

6. Q: Would you suggest others to join the YAMAM? And why?

A: Yes I would suggest to others to enlist in the YAMAM. I would advise though to enlist only a few years after army service, in order to reach a mature and well thought out decision.

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