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I want to start of by telling you a little bit about myself. I was born in America, raised in Ohio and one day my dad decided he wants us all

(family of 8) to leave everything and move to the holy land (Israel).

Crazy huh? well I do come from a very crazy family!

So in 1999 we moved to Israel knowing nothing. not the language not the culture, nothing !

We also saw that soldiers walk freely in the streets with guns, or when you enter the mall you get your bag checked by security guards!

And loads of other stuff we didn’t see back in Ohio .

It didn’t scare me but made me feel very safe cause I knew these people are here to protect me.

When I turned 18 I joined the army and that was the first time I used a weapon.

19 (a few month after I drafted)

When I was done my service I had to give it back of course and tried looking into the laws of Israel to see how I can own my own gun.

Even though I don’t have the feeling I need it that much when you’re surrounded by security that is protecting you constantly.

I found out that in Israel guns are tightly controlled and carefully traced by the state.

We must meet a detailed list to own a gun license that is permitted only one gun at a time.

Now you know why I get SO jealous when I come to the states and see people with multiple guns in their homes!!!

It’s not easy to get license here in Israel, roughly 40% of the requests are rejected.


1.Once you get the license you are allowed to have only 50 bullets in your position at any given time.

2.You have to return you old ones or finish them off at a regulated shooting rage if you want to get new ones.

3.If you want to sell your gun you have to ask for permission.

4.the types of guns permited depends on the license, for example

*veterans are allowed to perches a gun improved by the government for the killing of animals.

*hunters license only permits the perches of a firearm from an improved firearms list.

In other words as the public security ministry explains ” the Israeli law does not recognize the right to bar arms , and anyone wanting to do so need to meet a number of requests including a justified need of carrying a firearm.”

Yes I know what you’re thinking , what shitty laws.

But if you come to Israel you’ll see that most of our society are armed walking the streets , on busses and everywhere .

I had people ask me dozens of times “how come its ok for soldiers to walk around with their rifles out hanging on their backs like its a back pack” or sitting on a buss when there’s a soldier sitting in-front of you and the rifle is opining everywhere hahah.

but that’s exactly the difference.

When it comes to guns Israel wants a well armed society and expect the state to manage things that only the right people are armed.

If we had the second amendment law we would have to give them out equally. I think the wrong people would be armed. and we don’t want the do we? NOPE!


For American gun advocates the right to own a gun is at its core. A right to defend oneself from the state and neighbor.

I feel like Israelis are much more likely to trust the state then Americans .

I had that question: why don’t we fight for our gun laws , why isn’t it even an issue in Israel? its not even a subject that comes up in conversation.?

And I think its because the government proved themself to be there for us and be by our side in need.

We don’t need everyone to be armed, even though when you come visit it looks like everyone is hahaha.

Also if worse comes to worse we all did the army and we all know how to use a firearm if needed.

I hope this helped you to understand out laws better and it was a small enlightenment I could give you.

thank you for reading.

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